Buy a house with a dollar

Husband and Wife Team Stumbled Upon a Cash Flow For Life Real Estate Strategy By Accident in 1996 and were able  

“Sack The Banks” Forever

Let me introduce you to David and Julie Siacci..

They have a typical property investing story. They were going along fine on the negative-gearing path, thinking they were on the way to wealth until that life-changing day where they went to the bank to borrow more money for another investment… and the bank said, “No”.

David and Julie had two choices then… To simply accept what the bank had told them, go back home and live a life of quiet desperation in the hope that their portfolio would pay off in 20 years.

Or… Find a solution to continue to invest and make money via real estate, without the banks.

Now we know you cannot buy a house for a dollar, thats ridiculous, but with as little as a dollar down, you can take control of property and pay off the loan on it already without having to get your own bank loan. This will then enable you to do with that property what you would normally do.i.e rent it, renovate it, live in it, what ever you want.

Here’s the amazing result of that story… That was well over 45 property transactions ago.

What if we could wave a magic wand and solve your greatest challenge that is stopping you from getting started in real estate today. Not the warm and fuzzy problems like “mindset” – hard core reasons such as…

  • You can’t get bank finance
  • Bankrupt and a shocking CRA report
  • You don’t have money for a deposit
  • Negative cash flow
  • Can’t find positive cash flow real estate
  • Wrong time in the cycle to buy
  • Stamp duty, legals, mortgage fees and other buying costs

Discover How To SMASH 7 Major Challenges That Are Stopping 97% of The Population From Making a Killing In Today’s Uncertain Real Estate Market… New, Tested and Step-By-Step-System Designed to Make HUGE GAINS and CASH FLOW Right Now!

Here’s a small snapshot of what David and Julie Siacci will Reveal with the Siacci System for Vendor Finance . . .

  • So the banks have told you NO! Your goal is to become a property investor and you don’t know where to start. They will show you exactly what you need to do to own a multi-million dollar property portfolio…even if you have little money to get started.
  • REVEALED: Their COMPLETE Property Financing Systems, Yes! They will show you them all and I won’t be holding anything back.
  • EXPLODED: The passive income myth that practically 95% of property investors don’t even know exists… Unless you’re born into the Hilton family or a psychic who can predict lottery results, then you must know this.
  • Why positive cash flow is king, and why it is the most important investment strategy you will ever use in the future!
  • PLUS: How to make between 20-100% cash on cash returns every year on your investments, with little to no down side risk – even if you don’t know how to balance your cheque book
  • The only piece of paper that you need to buy 5, 10, 15 houses (this simple form has served me well).
  • CONTROL IS KING: How to generate income from property investment without owning it, regardless of a down turning market or rising interest rates.
  • The key things to look for in potential properties to work with.
  • How to get your clients to do all the work in finding the right properties for you.
  • How to play the win, win game and how you can benefit … (and no you’re not taking advantage of anybody!)
  • The how and why on the exact way to set the price when selling a property even if you only bought it for $1 …(lock in your capital gain, guaranteed.)
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