How do I retire comfortably NOW!!


Things have changed a hell of a lot in the last five years for anybody wishing to purchase property, more so for those who are over 45 years of age who thought they had time to invest in property for their retirement.

We need to be smarter in the way that we invest in let go of old ideas. The idea of “I can do it myself” and sole ownership are becoming obsolete.

If we are going to avoid further cells in the future we need to assess what it is we have available to invest in look for ways to put that money to good use.

As I see it working with others who can provide either more funds or components that we cannot provide ourselves is the only way forward.

In the past we have looked at joint ventures, but we need to up the game if we are going to make the difference for our futures despite the efforts of government that seems hellbent on making it impossible for us to do so.