Why do you invest?


This question is important, it is a question that seems to get lost in the doing of things. We cannot lose sight of the why otherwise we can become lost in the doing.
I once knew a guy who had lost sight of his why. He had made his money, more than he could spend, yet he complained about spending seven dollars on a pie and a Coke. All he could see was the fact that he needed to make more money. Unfortunately his why had been the collection of money.
We cannot lose sight of the fact that money is a necessity in our society but that is not the goal that we seek, the goal that we seek is what the money can buy not the money itself.
So why do you invest?
Is it to help pay off your own home, to own holiday home, to holiday relentlessly or annually, is to improve the lives of others, for your children, for your family …… this question needs to be answered and understood very strongly and be regularly reinforced so that you do not lose your way.